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Join our mission to plant 100 million trees.

What we offer

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We Plant Trees

About two dollars per hardwood tree, one tree can absorb over 3,000 pounds of CO2 in its lifetime.

We plant trees that will absorb CO2 and multiply those benefits to our planet as we continue to plant more and more trees on your behalf. A study by The National Academy of Sciences states that reforestation is the most scalable, deployable form of technology to fight climate change today. According to IPCC, one-third of the global emissions since 1750 have come from deforestation. Your business will be recognized as a good environmental citizen with a goal of creating a sustainable food and beverage industry.

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Purchase & Create Carbon Offsets

As little as $17 per metric ton

We work with world-class forestry managers to create long term, certified carbon offsets and will purchase some certified carbon offsets to immediately provide environmental benefits while our young trees grow. One acre of hardwood forest can absorb one metric ton of CO2 per year.

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Round Up to Plant Trees

Pounds of CO2 created per pound of
One acre of trees can offset as much as 2.5 metric tons of CO2 per year

We work with your point of sale provider to place an easy “Round Up to Plant Trees” line item at check out and meet with your staff to educate them on the benefits of this program for your business and the environment. We provide incentives to keep your staff involved and enthusiastic.

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Where does the Money go?

Planting domestic hardwood trees to absorb carbon dioxide

Our goal is to invest at least 80% of proceeds into planting trees and purchasing certified carbon offsets. Our offsets will be registered with the American Carbon Registry, which is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and easily identifiable for you and your customers.

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We partner with the world’s top forestry organizations to plants trees domestically with an accurate accounting of planting numbers and ongoing growth. We buy only certified carbon offsets.
U.S. forestry restoration alone employs over 126,000 Americans, and generates nearly $20 billion in annual domestic economic output.

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See our plan in action

Based off a fast causal burger restaurant.
Transactions per Week
Average round up
Round up per week
Annual Round up
85% of revenue invested in trees
Trees planed for environment per year
Trees planted in 10 years
Acres of forests equivalent
Metric tons of CO2 absorbed per year
Equivalent lbs of beef offset

About Net Zero Carbon

Why Trees?

The power to change the world, to clean the air, to purify water, and to give hope to humanity comes from the simple act of planting trees and maintaining healthy forests. Trees are nature's solution to rising temperatures, increased flooding, and pollution control.

Trees are the green infrastructure that will hold our soils in place, clean our streams and rivers, purify the air we breathe, and shrink our industrious nation's carbon footprint. Trees provide the bridge to a low carbon world. We need trees and, in fact, new forests, on a scale. New forests, grown and managed to achieve thriving density, depend on expert planning, soil analysis, and proven best management practices in forestry.

Our Founders

Aubrey Hilliard

Aubrey Hilliard has over 30 years of experience in the natural gas industry and in recent years has become a leader in developing carbon offsets and tree growing strategies for energy generators and consumers. He founded Net-Zero Carbon to help the hospitality industry make their industry carbon neutral and educate their customers to have a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Jim Miller

Jim Miller has been devoted to improving our environment his entire life. He was actively involved in the early Earth Day efforts while a student at Dartmouth College. He spent one summer as an intern with the U.S. Forest Service in Colorado planting thousands of trees, fighting forest fires and clearing trails. He has been an advocate in Washington for solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and other sources of non carbon based energy.

Bruce Cairnduff

Bruce Cairnduff has over 30 years’ experience in the finance field. He has spent most of his career working in senior roles for investment banks in London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Since leaving the banking market, he has held CFO and advisory roles for companies in the infrastructure, sports and higher education industries, During this time working in investment banking, Bruce was instrumental in the development of the Green Bond market and he headed the Green Bond initiative for banks in Europe and the Far East.


Why Sustainablity

Sustainable food production is important .

You are already seeing consumer concern about single use plastic utensils and containers and a growing demand for bio-degradable products.

4 Important Statistics

Planting six trees per month is enough to compensate for the CO2 emissions an average American produces over the course of a year.
90% of US Adults* are in favor of planting about a trillon trees to absorb carbon emissions.
The food industry contributes about 10 billion metric tons per year in CO2 emissions.
63% of US Adults* believe Global climate change is affecting their local community.